Franklin Canyon

I'd like to use this tank with whatever layers/accessories you feel good with adding.

Fall trendy hiking gear would be really cool as shown below. Note that the side opening is pretty low and shows the side of the bra. Some girls go no bra or a decorative bralette type thing. It's not overly revealing, but whatever you're comfortable with is good.

lainey black shirt bd sunset path hi res.jpg

You can see the shirt in action in this video:

For setting reference, this video is the location at Franklin Canyon I used for a recent juggling video. (I won't make you juggle, but if you surprise me with juggling skills I'll be really impressed).

Below are some of the looks and styles I dig for this. Do you have some stuff you'd like to add to the black Between Dreams tank? Hat, shirt, bag, etc. I'm open to whatever you feel good with wearing.