Very excited to have you on board for the new Between Dreams lettering.

We've been a bit inactive this past year, so I'm excited to bring new life back to the project. It's very much a passion project for me.

I appreciate you taking the time to help with the new logo/lettering.

The goal:

  • New "Between Dreams" logo for branding and printing on shirts
  • "BD" monogram to match the style of the logo for miscellaneous use on web/other branding

The big picture of Between Dreams is to create more than a clothing company. I want to create a community of people who are not only dreaming of things, but chasing after them to make them real.

Here's a video I did this past year to get a general vibe for the brand (please note: do not worry about trying to match any of the old lettering/logos/branding. I want a fresh start and your stuff is a better fit than any of the old looks):

For the specifics, "Between Dreams" written on two lines, I love when the letters play and interact with each other. I love the "sketchy" hand drawn look, not too refined.

Here are some of your pieces that catch my eye, but I don't have a certain one style in mind, open to your creativity.

On another project I had someone who was able to do a quick, rough sketch of a couple ideas and move forward from there. I'd like you to keep your preferred work flow, but that worked well so we didn't spend too much time on something that wasn't the best style. Let me how how your best flow works and we can do that.