The Unreliable Seer

There’s a stranger inside your head. It speaks in a droning voice and tells you you’re not enough. It breeds indecision. Devalues your relationships. Perpetuates regret and resentment all with smooth gnawing persuasion. It reminds you of your shortcomings yet professes to know the future. It’s as if it is an all-knowing seer.

The voice was born out of the insatiable desires often fostered by adulthood. These desires though, are mere illusions. Fantasies forged by the myth of potential. Potential marketed to you by promises and parodies of other people’s dreams. The voice may seem like it knows how things should be for you- but the voice cannot be trusted. It only speaks of our continuing failures and alternate lives and it is never satisfied.

What does this strange voice want? It wants your complacency but not your happiness. It wants to divert your attention from deep thoughts to meager tasks. It wants you to hide. Because it understands that you can be more easily controlled when you’re not paying attention.

The “fear of missing out” is it’s sermon. It’s cure is convenience. This self deception, manifested by the voice, is it’s way of keeping us spinning in it’s delusion. We become a distracted mind dangling from the dancing strings of an unreliable seer. A voice that claims to know our future better than we do.

There’s a stranger inside your head — that can only be hushed by our strong will to not listen.

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