How Hard Will It Be?

Here's a question we love to ask: How hard will it be?

We love asking this question, because we know the answer: It's going to be hard.

How hard will the job be? How hard will the conversation be? How hard will writing a "Thank You" note be? How hard will the diet or exercise be? 

It's always as hard as we think. But here's a secret -- it's as easy as we think, too. We just have to ask a better question: How easy is will it be? How fun will it be? How quick will it be? How nice will it be? How enriching will it be? 

Here's the formula: Ask a question, get an answer, feel something.

So you can ask a bad question, get a bad answer and feel bad. Or ask a good question, get a good answer and feel good. Just don't dismiss this line of questioning. It's like an archimedes lever. Little effort, big results.